DR-Z400SM Clocks
If you read my last post you’ll know that I am still getting used to my new-used 2006 DR-Z400SM.

Today was my second 23 mile commute into work in usual Boston traffic and the first time I hit reserve on a fuel tank that I had been tracking mileage. I hit reserve at 108 miles on the tripmeter, and eventually reached a convenient gas station at 123 miles, where I filled up with 2.06 gallons resulting in a calculated fuel economy of 59.28 MPG.

This figure is slightly overstated though, as the previous owner put on slightly smaller-than-stock profile tires (60s instead of 70s) making the speedometer read roughly 4% over actual speed. If we factor this in we get a “true” MPG of 57 in mixed fast highway, slow/urban, and spirited street and trail riding.

Not bad at all, considering the fun that I have on it and the intake and exhaust mods that both the previous owner and I have done. Fuel economy is not a deal breaker but it is a welcome incentive to take the bike over the cage.

Thanks for reading and happy riding.

Filled up again after only commuting back and forth to work twice and got 65.31 MPG. If we do a similar 4% reduction we get around 62 MPG.

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